January 27, 2020 Engy KHALIFA

” The right Strategy, or the course of action towards our goal, can only be achieved if we know our position, the opportunities and threats which lie ahead, and what we want to achieve. Without CI it is impossible to know any of these three, position, best course of action, and objectives” – Luis Madureira

Luis Madureira is Managing Partner and Founder of ÜBERBRANDS, a strategic consultancy boutique which helps organisations successfully navigate their competitive environment. Previously the Global Competitive Intelligence Practice Lead for Ogilvy Consulting, he possesses a vast experience i n Consulting – Ogilvy, UBERBRANDS, and FMCG – Diageo, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Red Bull, United Coffee, and Heineken. He has […]
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March 19, 2019 Engy KHALIFA

The jobs of the future will require specific, complex skills, and human capital will become an increasingly valuable resource

Dr. Mahmoud Mohie El Din is the first Vice President of the World Bank. He is responsible for the 2030 Development agenda and United Nations Relations and Partnership. He is talking about the jobs of the future. Dr. Mahmoud has a strong academic track rekord. He graduated in Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, Egypt, […]
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August 1, 2018 Matthieu VITEAU

Why should the European Union reconnect with Iran?

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been on the European Union’s political agenda for more than a decade[1]. European businesses, however, had begun developing business relationships there before the country became a hot topic for security and political staff. Far from being monolithic, Iran is a most complex environment for anyone – including businesses – […]
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July 28, 2018 Florent BOUILLY

Implementing lean management strategy in financial services.

Lean managements technics are very efficient tools used to increase productivity  and processes in several sectors  (financial services) such as automotive. Indeed, automotive companies are using lean management technics for several years and a well-known pioneer of these technics is Toyota. The founder of lean approach was, Taiichi Ohno, an executive member of Toyota during […]
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