WW2: The Landing…….

D-DAY Anniversary

As such, the landing was not a surprise, nor the British Parliament, or for the Germans who had acquired almost certain it would take place. They were unaware, however, and the date and place.
The place: he was one of the best kept secrets of the war. The Allies had spent treasures ruse to preserve and poison the enemy by creating, for example, Fortitude South. This vast operation ‘’enfumage’’ was to believe a landing in the Pas-de-Calais, with formation of a veritable army of fake invasion commanded by General Patton, inflatable Sherman tanks, aircraft plywood and fabric, fake landing craft and fake piers, all masterfully directed by a team of decorators theater in Kent.
Date: it was uncertain until the last moment, to the famous “OK, let’s go!” launched by General Eisenhower on the night of 4 or 5 June, after he had announced the opening of a favorable weather window for the next day. On the German side, meteorological services were less efficient: the Kriegsmarine considered highly unlikely a landing between 5 and June 7 due to inclement weather. She had also canceled its own patrols. As Marshal Rommel (commander of Army Group B on the Western Front), trusting in the same weather, he went to Germany to celebrate the birthday of his wife and try to convince the Führer deploy more armored divisions in the West.
On the night of 5 to 6 June, at midnight, paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st U.S. Airborne Divisions and the British 6th Airborne Division jump, respectively, on the Cotentin Peninsula and east of the Orne. In total, 17 000 men parachuted. Gliders carrying men, jeeps, heavy anti-tank weapons and machine guns, land somehow in the fields. The BBC broadcast a series of personal messages to the address of the French Resistance to launch sabotage operations against major ways and means of communication provided by the Bloc Planning. Before the arrival of the armada of landing 3,467 heavy bombers and 1,645 medium bombers dump their bombs against the German coastal defenses with a very relative success.



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