What will be the future of the business? The connection between the old and the new businesses.

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Here we have three articles that discuss about the future of business. First, an article from Forbes website, “The Future of Business is Digital”, on another hand, according to Nbcnews.com, “10 Businesses Facing Extinction in 10 Years”. Then, the third article from the Nbcnews.com “Big Business in Seeing the Future of Business”.
Today, we all know how important it is to understand a business and moreover, to predict the future of businesses. Forecasting that a business is going to succeed could make you earn a lot of money and if it is a wrong prediction it could put you in trouble.
These articles, can help us understand the principle. “The Future of Business is Digital”, explain us how it is important to follow our time. Nowadays, nobody can ignore technology business and especially apps; we use these applications all around the world and that help us for everything as searching flies, cars, places to eat, etc. The second article, “Businesses Facing Extinction in 10 Years”, gives its odds about businesses which could be extinct and shows us that we can predict if a business is not long for this world as coin operated arcades, but we can also be surprised by businesses that resist and survive to their predicted death as the telemarketing. The third article, “Big Business in Seeing the Future of Business” informs us that forecasting the future of businesses is a business.
We now understand why is it so important to be able to know the future of a business. Even if a business skyrockets, there is always risk. People were bolting with technology in 1990’s until the technology industry crashed, astonishing and weaken the economy.
We have to understand that business is an offer and an ask, even if we can forecast the future of the business in success however, we can also be wrong.

Faroul KADRI

Reference articles: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forrester/2014/03/10/the-future-of-business-is-digital/


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