“What is fundamental to successful trading is knowledge and patience…”

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Jesse Livermore, the greatest speculator of the 20th century said: ” What is fundamental for  successful trading is knowledge and patience… “

First of all, the acquisition of knowledge requires a lot of personal involvement, especially if the trader’s vision is to reach the best levels to be part of the golden boys of trading.

In my opinion several factors are essential to form an efficient way. Through my eyes as a student over the years, I share with you my feelings about quickly and effectively acquiring solid skills.

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First select a formation de prestige that proves itself in terms of results but also a person with irrevocable trading credit. In other words, a credible trainer that you will listen to diligently. For my part, I first selected the TKL trading school master to acquire technical analysis skills before even integrating an MBA specialized in trading at ESLESCA (Paris)

Why the TKL trading master?

A mes yeux, Thami Kabbaj has a fairly rich experience, both academically with reference luggage and in terms of  technical analysis. Once again this year, he showed us his incredible talent by winning the technical analysis trophy despite his discretion in the media.

He has focused all his energy on developing his school : TKL trading School. At no time as a student are we able to question his knowledge and hard work. Above all, it is a mentor whom we must listen to in order to progress. It is an essential aspect to accept the criticisms of a great master.

To make the student should approach his training with an optimal psychological state that I describe here by >the teachability index. A student with a teachability index of 10 will increase his chances of success.  The teachability index is based on two elements:

The willingness to learn: This value reflects the degree of a student’s personal involvement in learning. This reflects the means you will be ready to implement to succeed.

It is a question essential, ask yourself this question: What am I willing to put aside for this training? Even my favorite activity? Well yes, if you have a strong willingness to learn, set yourself goals and demonstrate your ability to achieve them.

– The willingness to accept change : This requires a good dose of humility, put your ego on hold. The student must, first of all, leave aside the knowledge already acquired on the subject. Hence the need to believe in your trainer.

To excel one of the secrets is to unlearn to learn. Once the method is fully mastered, then your judgment and knowledge may eventually come into play. ” To excel, you have to unlearn to learn” via Thami Kabbaj.

With this winning attitude we quickly integrate trading skills. However, it is important to distinguish between conscious competence and c unconscious competence. The difference lies partly in the time factor but also in the notion of perseverance. Conscious competence is characterized by “I know…… “While unconscious competence is the almost instinctive execution of an action.

The best traders have unconscious competence, so they have integrated the time factor in their trading plan. After acquiring and convincing their methods, these champions have repeated again and again</span style=”color: #000000;”> to such an extent that their methods become automatic in daily use.

In this way, it focuses their efforts on the process. Consider one thing, from the moment a trader is profitable with the process even with low capitalization, it will be the same for larger sums….

As mentioned by M.Loeb :

The knowledge from experience is what makes the difference between good and bad speculators. “




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