Top 3 altcoins to follow for Q1 2018

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For three years now, Bitcoin and Ethereum have been steadily increasing and are now the two reference cryptomones. However, these first generation technologies are beginning to be outdated. They are often too slow, energy consuming and do not respond to the problems of the real world. Today, they serve as gateways to the altcoins (for alternative corner), which offer them real applications that can be used in our societies. Altcoins represent all the new cryptomonnaies that were created after Bitcoin and Ethereum and are most often dependent on them. Of these thousands, we have selected three to monitor during this first quarter of 2018.

PRL : the advertising killer

Oyster Pearl, is a brand new cryptomonnaise combining the blockchain system of the Ethereum, and the Tangle technology borrowed from IOTA. Thus, Pearl benefits from the security of block data while making its transactions free via Tangle. Indeed, Tangle users validate themselves the transactions (via an algorithmic calculation) in progress in order to be able to make transactions in the future.

In addition to an original technology, Oyster Pearl answers a real problem: how to remunerate 100% free websites (press, blog, legal streaming…)?

Via a single line of code on a website, the webmaster can use the computing power of his viewers to the same extent as they used to display ads graphically. Therefore, without any additional latency, these websites will be much cleaner and will be paid for the content. Indeed, as soon as a click is made on the site, users will mine on behalf of the site that will receive a mining bonus in PRL, the crypto of Oyster Pearl.

Journalists, youtubeurs and other producers of free content are therefore paid according to the quality of their publications. Moreover, as they are no longer dependent on advertising and product placement, the latter guarantee greater impartiality and autonomy in the face of brands and possible political pressures.

A PRL is currently worth $1 with a capitalization of $65 million and could quickly rise to $100. However, three major challenges still remain:

    • The PRL team is not compensated by any star programmer or influential personality from the cryto world.



OMG : the bank of the decentralized future

OmiseGo it is above all a company: Omise created in 2013. Quickly supported by several investment funds (up to 45 million dollars) Omise quickly positioned itself as one of the best endtechs of the decade. Indeed, the greatest stars of crypto are among the top advisors of Omise with Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the Ethereum or Joseph Poon, the founder of the Lightning network.

The objective of Omise is to offer a simple, secure and ultra fast electronic payment method to unbanked populations. Indeed, 75% of people living in Southeast Asia do not have a bank account and use alternative means such as Western Union, Paypal and some mobile payment applications. These systems remain slow, expensive and sometimes raise concerns about confidentiality, traceability and even money laundering.

To do so, this fintech intends to create the largest exchange ever designed capable of managing all currencies and cryptomones via exchanges that are practically free (about $0.5 in fees per million exchanged) and ultra fast (between 1 and 2 seconds). While currently, exchanges manage about ten cryptomonnaies and can take up to 6% of commissions.

Through OmiseGo Chain> OmiseGo Chain, users will be able to download their own e-portfolio for free in order to pay the various merchants who will have installed the application Omise. Omise ensures conversion through its network, regardless of the currency sent and the currency wanted to be received by the merchant, and pays this network via the OMG.

OmiseGo is the tokken created under Ethereum by Omise. Under the ticker OMG, the latter is worth $25 for $2.5 billion in capitalization, the 23elargest cryptomonnaise in existence today.

However, the risks associated with OmiseGo remain numerous. Omise is based on the Lightning and Plasma projects, which make exchanges much faster and less energy consuming and therefore less costly. However, fintech is not at the origin of these technologies on which it depends, and could well flow with them if it fails.

In short, if you want to bet on the success of the lightning network, Omise Go is one of the best cryptos you can invest in.

Bitconnect : Crypto-Ponzi

Bitconnect has the particularity of being neither a cryptomonnaie, nor a blockchain in the strict sense of the term, but rather a kind of virtual currency investment fund. Through the tokken bitconnect, you can lend an amount X to the company éponyme and the latter pays you an average of 1.5% per day as well as a possible bonus if you invest more than 1010€.

Fintech boasts that it has invented an algorithm capable of perfectly trading these new markets and generating more than 5% of profits per day (or 91 million) thanks to the 2.6 billion dollars under management it has collected.

Real innovation or ponzi 2.0, bitconnect now in existence for 15 months and benefiting from the generalized market increase. Indeed, since its launch, the market has only declined to a maximum for two consecutive weeks. Bitconnect can it survive a long-term crisis in the crypto market? We will surely have more answers when we know that this Q1 2018 is one of the most uncertain. A case to be followed as soon as its collapse could drag the entire crypto planet in its wake where all the media will hasten to assimilate bitcoin and Bitconnect in a generalized anarchy.


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