The change of the world’s Jobs Mapping

All the economists nowadays are talking about the change that is occurring in the world concerning job positions and how by the year 2022 many jobs will disappear. 
According to the world economic forum there are some important business roles    will decline by the year 2022. These roles include data entry clerks, accountants, bookkeepers, payroll clerks, secretaries, customer service, and auditors. On the other hand, there will be a change in emerging jobs. By 2022 the emerging roles will be data analysts, artificial intelligence  agents, machine learning specialties. Big data specialties, organizational developments, sales and marketing. From these jobs we can see that most of the jobs are going to the area of data and information. Most of the world’s largest corporations are investing  in the sector of data and Information and they are changing their departments so that it depends on information basis.

By analyzing most of the jobs in the mentioned fields, we can see that  new jobs mainly depend on information and intelligence. Now the world is seeking to transform their specialism to a world of intelligence. Intelligence is now a part of each job. Technology has transformed to Artificial Intelligence, competition to competitive intelligence, marketing to marketing intelligence, and even finance to financial intelligence.
The question here is , why intelligence?
the way intelligence is used in the military; can be applied the same way in every field. Intelligence helps you to see what others cannot. It helps you to differentiate between different types of gathered and collected information. To know how to obtain strategic information.
The world is changing, and people must find new ways to adopt to the change that will occur.  people must accept change, know  how to self-develop, discover the needed skills for the coming years; as when the times comes, they show their full capabilities and be ready for it. Also, it will help them to defend against any possible attacks whether internal or external.
Everyone should draw a plan for themselves, where they want to be and what do they need to be in that place e.g. if you are working in the field of finance, you must know that the position of financial analyst is predicted to disappear after 10 years. You must change your way of thinking. Just studying the numbers are not enough. You must know that finance is not only about reviewing the numbers gathered from your different products, it has much more of an effect. You must know how your stakeholders are working, know their languages, their capabilities, plans, and how they can affect your business.
Market analysis will play a major role in the coming years, you must understand all the aspects that affects  your market internally and externally. Economic analysis is the solid ground that you can back your business with, you must study the past as it will reflect on your future. Analyzing valuation, corporate governance and compliance reports all become a part of the finance departments. Accordingly, all these new aspects and ways of doing your jobs can be applied to all the other departments, you must know what affects you and know every aspect of it. There will be no more one independent department; everything is interrelated. You must know that the world became a network years ago and, if you miss one aspect of it, you will not be able to survive the competition and eventually will fall down.
We still have time to prepare for what is coming, so, improve yourself, know which skills you need now and which you will need in the future. No one ever said that you were only born to do one job. You were born with some skills and you must acquire the other skills. Prepare and be persistent in fighting for what you want and where you want to be.


Engy Khalifa is Deputy Director of Publication of BONDS and SHARES, Being an experienced Corporate Finance Advisor based in Cairo, Egypt, she heads all issues related to Corporate Finance. Engy holds a management degree from Modern Science and Arts University “MSA” in Egypt with a specialization in Management and Systems. She has a double major Master of Business Administration from “ESLSCA Business School“, one of the leading French Business Schools and specialised in Banking, Risk and Global Management, and a Project Management Professional Diploma from Riti Educational institution which is certified from PMI. Engy has been working in the field of construction for more than 15 years as she is the General Manager of El Khalifa for Real Estate Investment operating in Egypt. She also have more than 5 years experience in banking as she is certified as a banker from the Central Bank of Egypt. In addition to her work at Blom Bank Egypt, and Crèdit Agricole Egypt in the area of Retail Banking, Trade Finance, Credit, and Management Information systems. Engy also worked for the British Council Egypt in the Examination Services Department as Examinations Supervisor responsible for handling the exams of Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel Examinations. Recently Engy is a certified corporate trainer from ESLSCA Business School, Paris.

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