Robot Trading new Eldorado or scam?

Advertisements on trading robots promising to make you ultra rich, are above all a cash machine for their owners, especially those marketed for exorbitant sums. So how do you distinguish the good and make profits with these automatons?

robot trading

All these automatons work with trading system signals (forex, cfd). These signals will indicate to the robot whether it should buy or sell an asset at a given time, or possibly modulate the size of the position statement. Trading robots can therefore be divided into two categories: those derived from technical analysis and those obtained through fundamental analysis.

Is it efficient: The designers of these trading automatons explain that it is possible to develop your capital. To do this, the trader must first implement his strategy. The stockbroker uses a technician to integrate the instructions defined in the computer program. A small test will check whether the trading tool is working well or not. The trader can always make some corrections to his forex robot.

Despite the qualities of the robot trading, opinions remain divided on their effectiveness. Critics of these tools explain that robots obey the commands inserted in the program. Decision-making can be erroneous when market parameters change.

The problem is that the PLC does not have the ability to automatically adapt to a new context without the intervention of a technician and it should modify the algorithm of the program so that it can recover in the direction of travel.

While the credibility of these tools is questioned, their designers continue to flatter the gains that can be accumulated by the trader using a robot. Stock market specialists warn that developers are using these programs to scam Internet users. Indeed, for about ten euros invested, you have a great chance to enrich yourself without getting tired?

Jean-Christophe Ramdame

Christophe RAMDAME

Christophe Ramdame is Deputy director of publication of BONDS & SHARES and Senior Analyst at JANUS Consulting GmbH. He is specialised in Corporate Finance, Financial Enginering and Financial Communication. He has acquired deep practical experiences and shapened his skills in several strategic financial domains (investor relations, financial analysis, sale of a business, initial public offering) by working for leading international firms in New York, Hong Kong and Paris. Christophe is a Graduate in Corporate Finance from Conservatoire national des arts et métiers and holds and MBA in Financial Engineering from Paris ESLSCA Business School, both being among the top French Higher Education Institution.

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