Bernd Oliver BUEHLER

Bernd Oliver BUEHLER is a German Entrepreneur and an internationally recognized Expert in Business Protection and Business Enabling. After passing his A-level at Peter-Parler-University-preparatory school in Schwäbisch Gmünd, he was trained in leading French academic Institutions. He studied Economics at the Poitiers University and holds a Master’s Degree in Competitive Intelligence from the French School of Economic Warfare, He is a visiting member of the teaching staff at Paris ESLSCA Business School as Professor for Competitive and Financial Intelligence, a regular contributor to “WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE“, a leading German weekly business news magazine and a member to the editorial board for “BONDS & SHARES“, an non-profit online platform specialised in International Finance, Economy and Geopolitics. Mr. BUEHLER specialised in Governance, Risk & Compliance, Data and Know-How Protection, Corporate and IT-Security, AML, Compliance Investigations, KYC and Due Dilligence (M&A ). He is Founder and Managing Partner at JANUS Consulting GmbH. JANUS is specialised in Corporate Intelligence, Corporate Security and Corporate Investigations. The firm provides strategic support for companies wanting to devellop abroad, especially in risky affairs and countries.

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