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The Internet is experiencing rapid growth and are helping to expand business and provide commercial opportunities globally. The Internet and specifically its usage provides an example that how its nature and consequences has been transforming the society. This paper investigate the effect of internet on society and internet role in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development.

Internet now has become more persistent than media tools in today’s globalised world. It offers the information that was not accessible before. The development has started taken place by the growth of the internet and communication technology. Anyone can access any information from anywhere. Internet has arisen as a medium of communication and it removed the geographical boundaries.. An important issue appeared which is the internet influence on society and  how the society is been transforming to a new emerging one.

Technology and Social Changes

Internet is transforming the lives of human beings as it is demonstrating a new virtual environment, It links the private space with the whole world as popular media did before but with the interactivity feature. The internet made the security issue becomes more complex and difficult to control. The digital age is now highly dependent on data and information transfer across many network nodes at faster speeds.

Internet influence on Education

Internets support education by providing new information and keep them updated and students can communicate with teachers online. Governments have an important role in computer learning by making various polices that drive people to participate into the online educational programmes. In positive aspects, Internet is helping the students in their education. On the other hand it has its negative aspects as there are many dangerous websites them. That is why Firewalls are important for security purposes in all fields.

Political Influence

Governments use the internet to propagate democratic values but It can be used as a tool to destruct national authority and affect on other countries internal affairs.


Internet has an impact on society and has bring major social change. The product information as even the smallest information can be easily found on Internet at the cheapest rates. Information and Communication Technology helps to remove the economical differences. And tries to remove the technological imbalances.

The discussed Internet influence on our society specialy on the fields of politics; education; and economics reflect the needs of the regulatory measures and computer laws.

Though many networks and information made the world as a community. People can access all the information that may help to form new kinds of identities; individual research activities that enable

Internet crosses the political and geographical. It should be used as a tool to gather information that can be used for the development purposes. And Governments should find ways to overcome the challenges such as online services, computer literacy using technology laws.


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