Interaction between virtual reality and the financial sector


Virtual reality allows a user to immerse himself in an entirely virtual universe generated by a computer, a game console or a smartphone. It is very different from augmented reality in that it consists of an interaction between virtual and real elements (e.g. the Pokemon Go application). VR is beginning to occupy an increasingly important place in the professional field, thanks to many assets. This allows safe, fun and safe training while saving time and money. We can learn more about the virtual trading site.

From a consumer point of view, virtual reality makes it possible to offer a unique experience to a clientele that is more and more “addicted” to new technologies. But then does the field of finance also succumb to it?

Well, we’re going to see this in three points.

1st point: In the trading sector

virtual reality

The virtual reality headset will make it easier for traders to visualize opportunities through a better view of the numbers.

Swissquote, the Swiss leader in online trading, provides its clients with an application that allows them to conduct transactions via a headset. This will allow the client to navigate between indices and other financial information in real time and in a more fun way.

2nd point: A fun way to train

It allows the user to learn actively and autonomously in a virtually generated situation. This type of system increases the employee’s motivation to learn. It also has the advantage of posing fewer sensory problems than simulators. Already used in the fields of finance, health, industry and military, where it has proven its worth.

3rd point: The consumer experience

It will revolutionize customer relations, in particular by making interaction with the advisor more lively than a simple telephone conversation. This can also be the last step in the dematerialization of bank branches by creating virtual offices.

This revolution will enable banks to attract and retain new generations of people who belong to the digital age and who are demanding digital experiences.

Commonwealth bank has set up an educational program called Start Smart which allows children to learn about economics and finance in a fun way, which will create trust between the brand and the child, and thus create a link for their future choices of a bank. This trust will be also created between virtual trading site and children.

Currently, virtual reality is only at an embryonic stage in the banking sector, but it could well become an essential element in the coming years.

(cf site de trading virtuel)


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