Goldman Sachs, The Governor

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More than a bank, Goldman Sachs is a rich invisible empire of 700 billion euros in assets, twice the budget of France. It’s called “the Firm”, as in spy novels of 80s. Having enriched during the subprime crisis by betting on the collapse of U.S. households, it was one of the instigators of the crisis of the euro making-up the accounts of Greece and leveraging against the single currency. An empire of money on which the sun never sets, which has transformed the planet into a vast casino. Through its unique network of influence in the world, and his army of 30,000 “monks” bankers, Goldman Sachs took the opportunity in the crisis to increase its financial strength, increase its influence on governments, and enjoy impunity of U.S. and European justices.

The first thing you learn when you’re making an article about GoldmanSachs is that we should not talk about GoldmanSachs. Former employees are afraid, interns are hiding.

Since December 2006, the Financial Goldman Sachs knew that a crisis will come and have greatly beneficiate from this valuable information.

The Americans, have suffered theconsequences and are starting just now to wake up. This dipin the heart o fone of the largest Wall Street institutions give us a real view on methods of global finance.

Goldman Sachs seems to remain above the law

There are 2 different possibilities: either justice is corrupted, or the financial sector has become untouchable.

Mekki Achraf

Achraf MEKKI

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