Different ruses, which were used during the WW2.

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1.The Operation Fortitude:

To believe in the preparation of a landing in the Pas de Calais, it was important to move the General Headquarters of the Allied armies dummy south -east of England. In the fields are arranged quantities of inflatable rubber tanks . Vehicles and guns against plated line the roads. Night , convoys of trucks (always the same ) crisscross the region extensively , giving an impression of the many German planes . Allies maintain an overflowing radio activity between virtual and one as the other units . To lure the enemy observation aircraft ( the DCA does everything to miss ) , pseudo- landing ships , made of bits and pieces , cluttering estuaries, bays and harbors. A giant oil complex , in cardboard is built near Dover. The ” Fortitude ” plan will work beyond all expectations , since Hitler moves his units into the Pas de Calais, Normandy leaving bald .

2) The Operation Mincemeat:

During World War II, the Allies want to invade Sicily, unfortunately it is strongly occupied by the Germans. They then have the idea of deceiving the German command by sending false information. Allies collect a homeless died of pneumonia and disguise as an officer of the Royal Navy. They throw the body off the Spanish coast, with a briefcase full of top secret files, chained to his wrist. When the body was found by the Germans, they find that the documents in the case indicate Allied invasion of Sardinia. German troops are then redirected from Sicily to Sardinia. Sicily can be “quietly” attacked by the Allies. Major thank you Martin!

3)The Copperhead operation

The Copperhead operation is one of many diversions mounted by the Allies to deter the Germans from landing in Normandy. The British had the idea of using an official double their Field Marshall (the highest ranking officer in the Army), Bernard Montgomery. Lookalike (an Australian actor calling ME Clifton-James) made several trips to Gibraltar and North Africa to the Germans believe that a landing is brewing in the south of France. May 25, 1944, Clifton James flew to Gibraltar in the private plane Winston Churchill. At the reception at the Governor General, he alludes to a “303 Plan”, designed to invade the south of France. German intelligence services fall into the trap and their agents are primarily engaged in the research of elements on the 303 plane totally bogus …

In memory to those who died for the Freedom

Vive la France

Vive l’Europe

Jerome Cluzel


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