Brexit and the German crisis


What is going on in Germany?

In Germany, there are multiple question marks, reasons why the coalition couldn’t come together and reach a deal. The immigration reform? Europe and the Euro?  Those questions marks could seal the fate of Angela Merkel as a chancellor, which leads the end of her political career. Many have lost their faith in her because of her open door policy which gives refugees an easier path to safety in Germany; and her vocal support of free movement within Europe.

The last thing said about Merkel by Christian Linder, the leader of the FDP (a pro-business party) was:
Its better not to govern than to govern badly”

which furthers prove that the two parties are fundamentally different and were far from being close to obtaining a deal that will please all parties involved.
This political stalemate has been a worry for all Europe because a new chancellor will definitely mean that the Germans are now moving towards a different direction than they were over the last decade. All of Europe has been worried but the United Kingdom.

The focus in the UK?

As previously stated, the British political class hasn’t been worried about the political crisis in Germany because their focus is toward the Brexit and it’s affect with Trumpmerica (Trump’s America) and other foreign countries that are not part of the European Union. Since the referendum in 2016, Theresa May and her party have been taken for a loop. From the outside looking in, it seems that they still haven’t gotten over the election and its results. A year removed from the election, the UK, a country that prided itself on its stability is today far from it. There is a political chaos, many questions are lingering. What type of Brexit will we have? A Hard Brexit? Or (even better for all) No Brexit? What effect will it have on our foreign political allies? Where do we go from here? Is there a way for us to go back? (i.e. a new referendum). All these questions need to be answered for the UK to restore the stability it once had and move on from there. Therefore, it is no wonder than their priorities lie in other places rather than the political state in different countries in the European Union.

The link between Brexit and the German crisis

Today, with the collapse of the talks around the Jamaica coalition, Angela Merkel has more pressing issues than to worry about the Brexit negotiations. Unfortunately, actually, her career and future are at stake. Moreover, the British political class believe that Merkel will come in at the wee hour and save them, she wont find a last minute miracle solution that will help all parties involved. A solution that will either keep the UK in the European Union or one that will strengthen the bond between the UK and the EU and will make sure that the UK remains a strong ally of the EU in times of need. Furthermore, what does it mean for the Brexit negotiations if Merkel leaves the office? Who will be her successor? And will they be more or less generous to the UK during these talks.

Final words on the subject

Regardless of what the UK parliament believes, Germany doesn’t have any gains to assist them in theses difficult times. Brexit is and will remain irrelevant to Germany’s domestic politics. May and the British political class are completely foolish if they are waiting for Merkel to put on a cape and save them. As previously stated she has more pressing issues. With the European Council set for December, it will be the first time May and Merkel will come head to head. Some say that the German crisis will have little to no effect on the EU-Brexit talks. However, how does the most powerful country in the EU instability won’t have an impact on the EU-Brexit talks. What we need to remember is that the German crisis will definitely have a seismic effect on Brexit.
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