Matthieu VITEAUJune 2, 2018

The 21st century is the world of complex and dynamic change. Investing in the age of disruption is obviously a challenge judging by how often the topic is addressed. John Mauldin and his network of analyst hold an annual conference (the Strategic Investor Conference) entirely dedicated to that issue. I hold the view that short […]

Waleed GhalwashDecember 16, 2017

The Middle East has long been looking for a regional Silicon Valley, but it’s been searching for the wrong ecosystem under the wrong name. To understand the idea of a Silicon Valley we need to understand its core component by inspecting others success stories, as it is not as simple as it might be seen, and it is not down to chance; it is not just the idea of encounter between tech-savvy and an investor, in contrary it is a well-planned ecosystem. Egypt has more wonders than any other country in the world, and provides more works that defy description. Egypt has all the factors that can contributes to a successful Silicon Valley that serve the Middle East and the whole World, the real pressing factor is the spirit of the young and their determination to succeed.

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