Thibault MEYNADIERJune 18, 2018

The digital revolution, which can be defined as all new technologies; Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, BlockChain, or the Internet is tending to develop strongly in the financial world (digital finance) and this in all professions. Whether from a task automation point of view, information processing in the back and middle office professions, or […]

Benjamin CHOUKROUNMarch 6, 2018

It is likely that you are already familiar with Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency in full expansion in 2016 and 2017, but it should be noted that there are several other virtual currencies whose main characteristics are not to have a tangible form, and especially not to respond to a single body but rather to […]

Benjamin CHOUKROUNMarch 6, 2018

Il est probable que vous connaissiez déjà le Bitcoin, la crypto-monnaie numéro un en plein essor en 2016 et 2017, mais il faut savoir qu’il existe plusieurs autres de ces devises virtuelles dont les principales particularités sont de ne pas avoir de forme tangible, et surtout de ne pas répondre à un seul organisme mais […]

BONDS & SHARESJanuary 1, 2018

For three years now, Bitcoin and Ethereum have been steadily increasing and are now the two reference cryptomones. However, these first generation technologies are beginning to be outdated. They are often too slow, energy consuming and do not respond to the problems of the real world. Today, they serve as gateways to the altcoins (for […]

Florent BOUILLYDecember 28, 2017

The most famous cryptocurrency has made a lot of headlines during this year 2017 thanks to the evolution of its price which went from about $1000 / bitcoin in January to almost $20,000 / bitcoin in December. Faced with such a change in the price, the question of the limits of Bitcoin arises. >A quantity […]

Salma BENCHEGROUNEDecember 17, 2017

La Blockchain is a self-regulating system, a central control or decision-making body is not necessary to ensure its proper functioning. The integrity of the data stored in the Blockchain is ensured by cryptographic methods in an immutable register. They cannot be falsified. It is impossible to integrate false information into the Blockchain thanks to collective […]

Alexandre CAMPOSNovember 28, 2017

Everyone today knows about the existence of crypto-currencies mainly thanks to Bitcoins. This virtual phenomenon has given way to a large market for digital currencies, both in terms of market cap and existing number. In this article we will discuss the Ripple, the flagship currency of the moment (see ripple euro rates). The ripple project comes […]

Salma BENCHEGROUNENovember 17, 2017

Bitcoin is a decentralized application allowing the transfer of its own cryptomy (bitcoin or BTC) between users. Today, Bitcoin represents 906 million euros of total trade volume between individuals. Bitcoin’s success is due to the virtual absence of transaction costs and the inviolability of its bitcoin portfolio. Why talk about Bitcoin before the blockchain? Because […]

Emilie BOSCODNovember 17, 2017

How high can it go up? Is it too late to invest? Next safe haven or speculative bubble? Invented by the Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto and limited to 21 million units, Bitcoin is one of many unregulated crypto-currencies operating through the blockchain system (a system that allows transaction blocks to be added to each other knowing […]

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