Mohamed EL GARHY: Persistence and Determination are the most important tools to face challenges.

Mohamed El Garhy

Interview with Mr. Mohamed El Garhy founder of “El Garhy for Steel”. He has a BA in International Logistics from Arab Academy for Science and Technology in addition to an executive diploma in commerce. He is the managing director of El Garhy for Steel, board member of Suez for Steel, board member of west village a real estate Investment company, the managing director of Master Batch for Plastics, he is a member of the development committee of human resources in the Egyptian Industrial Syndicate, also he was elected to be Egypt’s representative in the International Labor Organization in Genève in 2017. Finally, in November 2017 he was elected as a board member in Al Ahly Sporting Club; the main sporting club in Egypt where he face challenges.

You have become one of the major investors in Egypt. What were the major challenges that you were facing?
Thank God for what I have accomplished, I am still at the beginning of my Path, generally challenges are presumed in life, in particular the most important challenges that the businessmen in Egypt are facing are the enemies of success who are always trying to distort the image of anyone who tries to work hard and strives to achieve success. From the glory of our Lord is that I don’t stop in front of those people and try my best to concentrate on my work and on what I am planning to achieve.

face challenges

Please give us your opinion about how the investment situation evolved in Egypt in the last years?
What has happened in Egypt in the laws and legislations is literally a leap in laws. For example; the new investment laws, the amendments done in the corporate law, adding the law of one company per person, and the Bankruptcy law.

In fact, we now have a great development in legislations and at the same time we have a development and modernization in the governmental departments. It’s true that the amount of bureaucracy is large but the most important thing is that the government is going in the path of developing the governmental institutions.

Are there additional measures that could increase the business climate in Egypt?
A lot of studies have been made to improve the investment climate in Egypt, and I believe that supporting the competitive environment are the most important issue that needs to be developed meaning that developing the investment climate to be competitive in an international level in which the investment opportunities in Egypt become more attracting for investors and to be more competitive than other countries.

What kind of advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?
Working and to focus on achieving their objectives is much more important than paying attention to criticism and critics.

And to young managers?
What is needed in the Egyptian economy is the development and modernization the management and investment skills in youth. The management organization in Egypt should invest in the youth and in developing their abilities and capabilities.

What qualities do you expect from future managers?
The most important qualities are the continuous development, and the use of the most advanced technological methods, also relying on performance measurements and standards of assessments. Another important quality is to manage using the management by example technique in which the manager sets a successful example for workers where they are abiding to follow it and this is considered the most developed way in management.

What are the challenges that El Garhy for Steel have faced during the previous years?
The most difficult challenge was after the 25th January revolution as we were in the stage of opening our new factory in Suez City also the stage of assembling the factories in the group under one Entity “El Garhy for Steel”. To establish one big industrial entity in the most competitive market and with the monopoly attempts. But Persistence and Determination are the most important tools that I use to face challenges.

How do you see the future of El Garhy for steel?
At El Garhy for steel; we have a plan for development and establishing new factories. What distinguishes our future plans is the diversification in investments in the area of investment, real estate development, investment in education, and finally investment in Agricultural Processing.

At the end I would like to thank you for give the chance to the audience of Bonds and Shares to know more about you and Egypt. Also for being a source of motivation to many youths. Wishing you all the best of success.


Engy Khalifa is Deputy Director of Publication of BONDS and SHARES, Being an experienced Corporate Finance Advisor based in Cairo, Egypt, she heads all issues related to Corporate Finance. Engy holds a management degree from Modern Science and Arts University “MSA” in Egypt with a specialization in Management and Systems. She has a double major Master of Business Administration from “ESLSCA Business School“, one of the leading French Business Schools and specialised in Banking, Risk and Global Management, and a Project Management Professional Diploma from Riti Educational institution which is certified from PMI. Engy has been working in the field of construction for more than 15 years as she is the General Manager of El Khalifa for Real Estate Investment operating in Egypt. She also have more than 5 years experience in banking as she is certified as a banker from the Central Bank of Egypt. In addition to her work at Blom Bank Egypt, and Crèdit Agricole Egypt in the area of Retail Banking, Trade Finance, Credit, and Management Information systems. Engy also worked for the British Council Egypt in the Examination Services Department as Examinations Supervisor responsible for handling the exams of Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel Examinations. Recently Engy is a certified corporate trainer from ESLSCA Business School, Paris.

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