An emotional Economy: Love, Sex & Money

Strauß Rote Rosen als Hintergrund Textur

Love has always been an inexhaustible source of passion, happiness, inspiration, pleasure and above all money. It is closely related to the emotions of man and affects all common mortals and when it arrives the control is out. we act without real control, and that makes the happiness of the economy because when we love we do not count. The turnover related to love is significant. Some have understood and know how to benefit. Hence, they create a holiday to satisfy the lovers on the one hand and the economy on the other.
In addition, with a simple inspiration, some could build a real wealth. This is the case of the British author (EL JAMES) of the trilogy “fifty shade of Grey”. Indeed, thanks to this novel, this lady is one of the fortunes of this world. Love can be an industry because it is also a provider of funds.
In this article, we will discuss the economics of Valentine’s Day and EL JAMES trilogy “Fifty Shade of Gray”, which have two points in common: love and money.
Valentine’s Day:
The holidays have always been a moment of joy. A way for everyone to forget for only a few hours the problems of every day. But also, a moment of inattention, and spending because even holidays have budget so an economic aspect. Indeed, holiday has a real economic potential because it can generate millions of euros. Thus, traditional or religious holidays have an undeniable part on the economy.
As if that were not enough, holiday was invented from scratch to generate money to help the economy take a breath of fresh air. Valentine’s Day is one of them, a real boon for certain sectors to realize or supplement their turnover.
Thus, when the pleasure is mixed with the economy it is “all good” because one spends without counting even if it is punctual. Valentine’s Day is a holiday created, invented to earn money and satisfy lovers in perpetual quest for a means of expression of their love. We are or have been all in love at some point in our lives. This holiday reminds us that we must please our sweet half by offering them gifts on this special day.
Behind, these paintings so romantic there is a whole planning, organization so that this holiday can be generating income.
The aim of economic intelligence is to create the absolute need for consumers to own a product or participate in an economic activity. Indeed, for a product or an economic activity to be credible, it is necessary to give them an appearance at once casual, natural, especially essential. Reason why, the true identity of Valentine’s Day will never be unanimous.
This holiday has various origins or unknown elsewhere, there is such a groping on its real origin that I prefer to limit myself to quote you only one that seems consistent. Indeed, some say that:
The real origin of this holiday is attested in the fourteenth century in Great Britain still Catholic where the day of Valentine’s Day February 14 was like a lovers ‘holiday because it was thought that the birds chose this day to mate.
As a real business, Valentine’s Day is a commercial celebration and developed in the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century, with the sale of cards reminiscent of small notes that were exchanged Valentin and Valentine.
According to a publication published in 2016, it seems that the American economy is crazy about Valentine’s Day. They spent in 2016, the 19.7 billion dollars (18.5 billion euros). In 2017, it is estimated that spending for February 14th was slightly down: $ 18.2 billion – “including $ 4 billion in jewelry and $ 2 billion in flowers.” On average, each person should spend about 136 dollars (127 euros).
In France 
This represented “an overall expenditure of 24.8 million euros”, i.e. 6% of the quantities purchased and 14% of the amount spent on plants in February 2016.
This year the feast of Valentine’s Day has brought nearly 20 billion dollars to the United States, several hundred million euros in France.
Valentine’s Day: a juicy business and the American stars have understood and benefit. Products derived from the labels of certain stars have been launched.
In France the perfumeries have made for the single day a total turnover of 80.7 million euros, 19 million for roses and finally for chocolates 5 billion euros mainly in Asia. Thus, the amount of money raised tends to 20billion $ 248 million can constitute the annual turnover of some multinationals.
Indeed, thanks to this festival the month of February has become the month of love and lovers. Thus, the film adaptation of the famous trilogy “Fifty Shades of Gray” is broadcast a few days before February 14.
The trilogies fifty shade of Grey
This year, 2018 Valentine’s Day was crowned by the release of the final film of the trilogy Fifties Shades undoubtedly from the famous book “50 shades of grey” which is divided into three volumes: Fifty shades of Grey (2011) – Fifty shades darker (2011) – Fifty shades lighter (2012)
Known as “mummy porn”, literally “porn for moms”, erotic literature is also a cardboard box before Valentine’s Day.
The story of this trilogy is worthy of a fairy tale for romantics and also for its author who thanks to its inspiration is one of the greatest fortunes of this world estimated at 52 million euros of personal wealth. This fortune does not take into account the gains from the cinematographic adaptation of his novel. The feature film reported in 2015 more than 507 million euros.
The story of the trilogy, author: EL JAMES
Written in English and translated into several languages, this trilogy will remain long in the memory of passionate people and also in the record of the best-selling novels in the world. A story all at once romantic, erotic with a touch of sadomasochism. What has revealed to readers their penchant for sex sometimes devoid of modesty that is not apparent in the behavior of every day.
The hooting towards this book shows us that the world is love, passion, money and sex.
We all have a piggy side in sexuality. To satisfy this so expressive need we must give ourselves the means, hence our real motivation to fight to make a living. Because, the instinct of survival is not only food.
The original trilogy has been sold to more than 125 million copies worldwide. In France, it has sold a total of more than 7.2 million copies, all editions combined.
The movie adaptation of the first volume, released in France in February 2015, brought in $ 570 million worldwide.
This book has made it possible to trivialize, uninhibited and popularize the “pornographic and sadomasochistic sex” character.
The economy by its etymological sense is devoid of any feeling, but uses emotions very often to achieve its ends (earn money). It is in the most unexpected areas, and rush into any breach to satisfy his thirst. Emotion remains undeniably one of the locomotives of the economy.


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