Jerome BLANCHETNovember 2, 2018

Leaving the United Kingdom from the EU will no longer allow the use of the European passport to provide the various banking and financial services (lending, financing, trading, asset and investment management and forward financial instrument contracts) from the United Kingdom to EU Member States and vice versa. The issue is particularly problematic for market […]

Meissa LOAugust 14, 2018

The African continent has attracted a lot of foreign investment (corporate financing ) in recent years. As the continent that was less impacted by the 2008 crisis, Africa continues to attract more and more foreign investors from diverse backgrounds (China, Russia, America, etc.) and the most coveted sectors are technology, industry and energy. This attraction […]

Alexandre CAMPOSJuly 28, 2018

The human or animal side of trading rooms remained paramount in the trading world. Nowadays, IT and mathematics are omnipresent in the front office. In this war against time, some market players are increasingly denouncing a real “arms race”, making it impossible for small players to intervene and thus creating distortions of competition. The Hight […]

Mohamed GUERBAZJuly 26, 2018

Le lancement en 2007 de MiFID II n’a pas répondu parfaitement aux attentes des marchés. Une expérience qui a ete challenge par la crise des sub- primes (defauts reglements-livraisons, manque de liquidite, manque de transparence,. . . ) juste quelques mois plus tard. Le 03 janvier 2018 MiFID II a vu le jour comme successeur […]

Edouard CHANSAVANGJuly 22, 2018

More information can be found on ZeroHedge or more “traditional” media, but the quick bottom line is that real estate in China seems to be relatively positively correlated with its stock market (pictures 2 and 3).  Chinese equity seemed to have led slightly ahead the timing of the beginning of the bullish (bubblish) trend towards the end of […]

Engy AlyJuly 20, 2018

Introduction Egyptian Women always played vital roles in their society, they played great parts in peace and in wars , Egyptian women were pioneers in all fields of life such as Science, Politics, Art, Education and many other fields, to the extent that the first university built in Egypt was funded by the jewelry donated […]

Maxime LEJuly 19, 2018

High Frequency Trading THF or HFT: High-Frequency Trading, are the high-speed execution of financial transactions made by computer algorithms. This is one of the categories of the “automatic trading” based on statistical decision, which increasingly manages stock market data in the manner of a Big Data that has become inaccessible to traditional human and banking […]

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